Luila Village Ministries (LVM) will bring together women and out-of-school youth from diverse backgrounds to build a sustainable food system in the village of Luila in Congo DRC. This village is in a region of Congo where there is no governmental infrastructure (i.e., no clean water, no electricity for residents, no jobs). The beneficiary of this project is the women of Luila and youth who are 18 to 24 years old who joined the women in order to jointly carry out the project. There is a tremendous need of food, meat, fish, and micro credits. The project is to launch orchards and community fruit tree nurseries, agriculture (beans, peanut, cassava and pineapples), fish farming, and apiculture. LVM have bought a land of 90 acres of which half is available to unwed mothers and youth. The products will be sold in the big city of Kinshasa and money will be redistributed among the farmers. LVM and the association members have set a work calendar. Specific tasks are: LVM will organize (a) classes and conferences of management, sewing, environment, and languages and computer classes. (b) agricultural meetings for identification of varieties and appropriate species (c) distribution of microcredit loans to purchase pigs and goats for each qualified family.

Outcomes: The measurable outcomes of the project would be creation of jobs in the region, elimination of famine, reduction of poverty, decrease in youth delinquency, wealthy people, a significant increase in school attendance, and increase in sense of responsibility. Women and youth will show a spirit of initiative while acquiring new skills. Overall LVM works to improve lives and communities by empowering women and youth, providing services needed in isolated communities.

Partners: Whole Baked Goodness (WBG) are investing in Luila Village Ministries in the Democratic Republic of Congo agricultural project. Ninety acres of land have been purchased for a future hospital, school, activity center, and orphanage. Until such time as there are sufficient funds to begin building, plans are to farm the land for food and income. It is WBG’s goal to quarterly send a share of their profits to assist in this work.

Need: A van to transport agricultural products to the city where the products will be sold to generate income for women and youth.

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We are a group of motivated individuals who are dedicated to helping and improving the lives of the people of Luila Village in the Congo.

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