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One of the goals of LVM is to build a children’s hospital for Luila villages, since the nearest city and hospital are Kinshasa which is 50 miles away. Many of these children have physical infirmities, which go untreated. Not only war is making things very difficult, but also diseases such as malaria, cholera, blindness, smallpox are hitting a lot our young children. The premise is that their physical needs must be attended to before their mental and spiritual needs can be addressed.

LVM have purchased a land of 70 acres to build a complex including a children hospital. The Polyclinic-Hospital design is realized. The initial phase calls for the facility to have: an entrance area with a waiting room, an emergency room, 16 hospital rooms with 2 beds per room (32 patients in the first phase); a training room and a cafeteria; a multipurpose room.

Women, and in particular unwed mothers, will be trained in various skills such as nurses and midwives. A second phase will include an elementary school, a day care, and an orphanage The goal of the J.and JA Meadows children hospital is to provide quality preventive and emergency care to the children in need in Luila Village and the villages around. The hospital aims to reduce health disparities in the local villages. The initial phase calls for the facility to have:

• An emergency room: 32 beds in the first phase
• A training room for unwed mothers and a cafeteria; a multipurpose room
• An emergency training room for unwed mothers and
• A cafeteria for hospital dining
• A multipurpose room Text of the page

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We are a group of motivated individuals who are dedicated to helping and improving the lives of the people of Luila Village in the Congo.

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