Drinking Water

The following are the objectives of the water springs project:

  • To divert surface runoff via ditches or berms
  • To create a 100 foot (ft) perimeter against wild animals near the springs.
  • To provide restricted access and protection for the spring
  • To protect the water from contamination from the following sources:
    • chemical pollutants
    • bacteria
    • environmental wastes.

Luila Village Ministries (LVM) will manage one of the five water springs in the village of Luila in Congo. This village is in a region of the Congo where there is no governmental infrastructure (i.e., no clean water, no electricity for residents). There are approximately 800 families who live in the city of Luila as rural peasants. Water, drainage and sanitation systems are nonexistent. The objective of this project is to reduce water-related diseases by cleaning and managing one of the spring waters. LVM hired professional water experts to do an extensive need assessment.

The specific steps necessary include:

(a) clean the zone so that the spring can clearly be seen

(b) dig in order to increase the flow

(c) build a small dam around the drain to collect water

(d) build a roof and concrete wall to protect the water

(e) install a drainpipe to bring water to an additional location and

(f) build stairs to facilitate safe access to the spring.

Outcomes: The measurable outcomes of the project would be an access to clean and safe drinking water, a decrease in water-related diseases and reduction of the workload for women and children. This would increase school attendance for children and allow the women additional time to engage in other income-generating activities. Once easy access to clean and safe water is acquired then LVM’s objectives would be to improve the quality of life in other areas such as education and health care. Safe, clean water is one of the most immediate needs in order for the people to survive.

Need: you can help manage one spring water out of five springs. Contact Dr. Rose Phambu.

Who We Are

We are a group of motivated individuals who are dedicated to helping and improving the lives of the people of Luila Village in the Congo.

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