Luila Village Ministries (LVM) is evangelizing the thousands of young people living in the area Luila (Congo, DRC). This village is in a region of the Congo where there is no governmental infrastructure (i.e., no clean water, no electricity for residents). There is a tremendous need of revival for adults who have never really attended a Church and to evangelize the youth. Less than 10% of the villagers possess a Bible. More than 67% of women become mothers in adolescence and to support their homes become prostitute.

The measurable outcomes of the project would be a significant increase in church attendance, increase in the total number of decisions for Christ recorded, increase in the number of baptized people, and a decrease in teen pregnancy and youth delinquency. Overall we especially expect the transformation of the lives of youth, which will impact the lives of other people in the community. We hope that we will thus establish a planting church movement that will impact the entire region.


  1. Avan to transport sound materials and Pastors from the city to the villages.
  2. Long lasting and affordable solar lamps to replace unhealthy and unsafe traditional lighting means. The lack of electricity is one of the factors that makes evangelism very difficult. Bible session in the evening cannot take place since people work in the farms during the day.
  3. Reading glasses for villagers.


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Who We Are

We are a group of motivated individuals who are dedicated to helping and improving the lives of the people of Luila Village in the Congo.

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