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imgD - Copy - CopyLuila Village is the nation’s premier Christian African ministry. Our organization is centered on serving the needs of the people of Luila Village in the Congo. Each day, our team members work on various projects in relation to building the education, health care, infrastructure, and social structure of the people in Luila. For more information about the objectives of Luila Village, please view our mission statement.


Luila Village MinistriesGeographically, Luila village is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in the Bas Congo province, district of Lukaya, territory of Kasangulu and sector of Luila. It is on the Nationale Numero 1 between two cities: Kinshasa and Matadi. Precisely Luila is located: 290 km from Matadi (main sea port of the country) 75 km from Kinshasa (capital city of the DRC). It shares its borders with Kiyasi village in the North; Kinseki 2 village in the South; Zamba village in the East, and Kitoko village in the West.

Administratively, this village is the county seat of the sector of Luila, composed of 230 villages, regrouped in 11 regions. It is an important market place where people meet every Friday to purchase Agricultural, manufactured, and other products. Luila village’s area is 1,462.32 km2 with a population of 15,000 inhabitants. Its demographic growth rate averages 3%. All that population is rural, mainly living of traditional agriculture. Demographically, this village is permanently growing, due to emigration. It gives the impression of a growing new big city.

Who We Are

We are a group of motivated individuals who are dedicated to helping and improving the lives of the people of Luila Village in the Congo.

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