Letters To Our Sons



A Percentage of each book sold will go toward the Luila Village Entrepreneurship and Education Programs
letters-to-our-sons-luila-2Raising boys can be both challenging and incredibly rewarding. What’s more, being a boy in today’s society can be equally challenging. In Letters to Our Sons, author Yolanda Conley Shields presents no-nonsense insight and humor along with impactful faith-based, take-away tools to help mothers shape their young boys into successful men of godly character. Entertaining and motivational, Letters to Our Sons offers scriptural support as well as practical steps to encourage mothers facing life’s challenges.

Through a selection of diverse stories, Shields captures the struggles and victories mothers face raising their sons, and she offers helpful and relatable words of wisdom and inspiration. Letters to Our Sons encourages all mothers with sons to write a letter to their sons communicating their love and support in order to create, grow, and mold the unique mother/son bond. Shields believes mothers should partner with God to shape and move our sons to live out the purposes God has designed for their life.