1Luila Village is back! We teamed up with our friends at PharmPsych Communications, and made a lot of changes this year in order to better reach our supporters and serve the people of Luila Village. Here are just some of the changes that we have made:

  • Newsletter – The New Luila Ministries Newsletter is better organized, and easier to access. Stay up to date with changes @Luila at any time!
  • Better Social Media – The world has become more social, and so have we! We’ve integrated social media into our website and campaigns.
  • Mama Rose’s Corner – Get insights, updates, and challenges from the founder of Luila Village Ministries
  • Mobile Compatibility – Stay up to date with Luila, even when you’re on the go!
  • Luila Ministries Store – Tired of the usual donation methods? The Luila Ministries Store lets you purchase items such a purses and baked goods, all in support of Luila.